Frequently Asked Questions

I specialize in individual therapy for those who are:

  • Grieving a loss — whether because someone has died, or because an important relationship has ended
  • Struggling to make the connections you want in your life; wondering “what you’re doing wrong”
  • Facing a life-altering medical diagnosis, either your own or a loved one’s
  • Feeling stuck in an important decision about a relationship, your career, or another major life transition
  • Dealing with difficult family or romantic relationships
  • Experiencing sexual pain, dysfunction, or lack of desire
Empirically, therapy has been shown to have the best outcomes when:

  • You feel like your therapist is a good fit
  • You feel like your therapist understands you
  • And your therapist believes in what they’re doing.

I definitely believe in what I’m doing, so the big question is: are you and I a good fit? Sometimes the best way to find out is to schedule a consultation, so you can get a sense of what I’m like in person. I offer a half-hour complimentary initial consultation so that you and I can figure that out.

That’s definitely not my style, don’t worry. Sometimes it’s important for me to just listen or let you talk your own way through something, and I’m decidedly not a drill sergeant. But lots of times our work will much more resemble a conversation with a good friend: one who likes you just as you are, but isn’t afraid to challenge you, and who happens to have read a lot of research about human nature.
The answer to this really depends on the problem you’re facing, your motivation, your partner’s motivation, and some other factors. Give me a call or set up an appointment for a consultation, and we can talk about what makes the most sense.